Binal One Binaural Microphone
Binal One Binaural Microphone
Binal One Binaural Microphone
Binal One Binaural Microphone
Binal One Binaural Microphone

Binal One Binaural Microphone

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The Headrec Binal One is a high quality binaural microphone designed for 3D audio recording such as ASMR or VR either in field or studio. The Binal One can also be used to replace conventional stereo microphones because it delivers natural, stunningly realistic, human-ear immersive audio without any external processing.

The Magic Ears

The prosthetic ears do not just make the Binal One look awesome, they magically alter the sound it captures more natural and real than conventional microphones. Professional lab tests confirmed that Headrec Binal One can enhance sound at certain frequency range (the green line). This makes the Binal One a great binaural microphone for professional studio recording, field sound capture, sound design and ASMR production.

Microphone Capsules

Headrec Binal One uses two Primo EM172 microphone capsules which is used by many other binaural microphones. But why?

When we were designing Binal One, we tested a lot of different condenser microphone capsules. The Primo EM172 turned out to be the best choice, because:

  • Primo Microphone is one of the best microphone capsule manufacturers whose products are used by many well known brands.
  • It has the largest diameter (10mm) among all Primo omni-directional capsules, that makes the EM172 the most sensitive mic capsule (-28dB).
  • 80dB S/N (Signal to Noise) ratio means it is a extremely low-noise mic.

Best ASMR Microphone

The Binal One is designed with these features that makes it a great ASMR microphone:

  • Ultra high sensitivity
  • Low self-noise
  • Detachable silicone prosthetic ears - easy cleaning and replacement
  • Dual output - stereo jack for quick connection and phantom powered XLR for professional use

In The Box

Binal One Binaural Microphone
A headphone stand
A 3/8" to 1/4" conversion adapter (to mount on a camera tripod)

NOT Included

Recording device - digital recorder / mixing console / audio interface are not included
Cables - you need at least a stereo cable with 1/8" connectors or a pair of XLR cables to start recording
9 Volt Battery (only needed if you use the 1/8" stereo jack output)